About Rob Bensh

Rob Bensh’s career has taken him across the globe. His work has spanned decades and continents, giving him an excellent insight into what’s happening around the world today. Rob is a leader in the oil, gas, and energy industries. Through his involvement, he has traveled around the world learning about other peoples, governments, and cultures. He has partnered with a variety of internationally established energy corporations and helped them grow. He believes that a global perspective is of the utmost importance. After all, the world is becoming more and more globally connected. Seemingly small events have a ripple effect that can cross borders and oceans alike. 

Rob Bensh has worked as an advisor on a variety of topics related to energy, oil, and gas. His positions have led him places such as Ukraine, England, Australia, and countries in South America. He is most interested in events taking place in the Ukraine, where he spent the most significant amount of time. The country has had an important influence on him, so Rob is always sure to keep an eye out for any happenings. Although he has focused most on the oil and gas industries, he also has worked to merge businesses, business acquisitions, and increase funds and capital. 

Rob Bensh received his degree from Arizona State University. He earned a Bachelor of Science focusing on political science and history, which created a strong foundation on which he could build his career. The perspectives he learned in school were invaluable, especially when paired with his time spent working in other countries. He continued his education in the Directors Education Program by the Institute of Corporate Directors at the University of Toronto. He still enjoys traveling greatly, and is a great advocate for visiting other countries and staying up to speed with current world events. 

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